Bringing new business and how to best improve Southport is a central topic of discussion at every Southport Redevelopment Commission meeting. One idea is closer to reality after the RDC made a motion to support the efforts of the Greater Southside Community Alliance (GSCA) in establishing the Southside Business Initiative, a coworking space for home-based and start-up businesses.

GSCA, a 501c3 organization branched from the Greater Southside Business Alliance, is in the planning stages for SBI. GSBA President Joan Miller said the coworking space would be a development tool to support the growth of Perry Township small businesses. While they are still looking for a “home,” they intend to establish SBI in close proximity to Southport Road and Madison Avenue.

Members would pay a yearly fee to have access to workspace, high-speed Internet, a kitchenette and conference room. Membership and sponsorship information can be found at

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